Practical Church Leadership

A program of Dakota Wesleyan University


The United Methodist Foundation of Pennsylvania is pleased to announce an educational opportunity with Dakota Wesleyan University (DWU).

The program is designed to provide training on “Practical Church Leadership (PCL),” giving ministry leaders the tools and confidence they need to live into the changing nature of congregational life. It is an ecumenical program designed for both clergy and laity who serve in a professional capacity (camp directors, conference center staff, parachurch leaders).


The first level, offered mostly online, is one-year long, includes coursework and coaching, and explores areas of leadership that will equip participants with impactful insight, including financial development, governance, talent management, project management, and communications. This first level includes 21 credit hours and leads to certification.

Should a participant wish to learn more, DWU provides the opportunity to earn an advanced degree. Eighteen of the 21 credits earned through participation in PCL may be applied to the University’s MBA in non-profit leadership.

Scholarship assistance is available through traditional, conference-based sources, through DWU, and through the Foundation.

The Foundation is interested in recruiting a cohort of approximately 15 participants from the two annual conferences that we serve, Western Pennsylvania and Susquehanna, to begin study in July 2024.


If you would like to apply for admission to this program, please contact the Dean of the Foundation School of Leadership, Dr. Joseph Patterson at, or by calling the Foundation office in Pittsburgh at 412-232-0650 x104