Opening an Account


For New Account Holders


If your church or agency does not yet have an account with the Foundation, you will need to complete three documents before opening an account: the Foundation’s 1) Memorandum of Agreement, 2) Authorized Signatories Form, and 3) Account Information Sheet. All can be found under Account Forms.
The church or agency will need to take the following steps to complete this documentation:

  1. 1)  Determine who will serve as authorized signatories for the organization’s account(s)          with the Foundation.


  1. 2)  Hold a meeting of the governing body of the organization at which a motion is                    presented to empower these authorized signatories. It is suggested that this motion          take the following form:
I, (name of individual making motion), motion to empower the following individuals as authorized signatories for our account(s) with the United Methodist Foundation of Pennsylvania…(names of authorized signatories are presented)… These individuals will have the responsibility of handling all business matters related to our accounts with the Foundation including, but not limited to, issuing directives on behalf of the (church/agency) related to the management of our funds.

    The motion should then be voted on by those present and the results of the vote                recorded. Minutes should be signed by the recording secretary. 

  1. 3) Have the empowered authorized signatories complete the Authorized Signatories               Form.
  3. 4) Have two empowered authorized signatories review and sign the Memorandum of             Agreement and complete the Account Instruction Form. An Account Instruction Form       should be completed for each account.
  1. 5) Return the 1) Memorandum of Agreement, 2) Authorized Signatories Form, 3)                     Minutes demonstrating approval by the church of the authorized signatories, and 4)           Account Instruction Form to our office along with the church’s initial deposit via USPS       or email to

For Existing Account Holders

If your church or agency already has an account(s) with the Foundation and has a completed Memorandum of Agreement and Authorized Signatories Form on file the only form that needs to be completed to open an additional account is the Account Instruction Form, which can be found under Account Forms.
Once this form is completed and signed by two authorized signatories submit it to our office via USPS or via email to

For Individuals

If you are an individual who would like to create a fund to support a United Methodist Ministry, please contact our office so that we can ensure that your account documents are tailored to your desires and intentions for the fund.